General Cleaning and Maintenance for your Bar Stools

In most circumstances a damp cloth will suffice with the general cleaning of your bar stools.However on in today's market there are many different cleaning products available to you, which can be picked up from most hardware stores or supermarkets.The cleaning methods of course will also vary between different materials.Such as the ABS bar stools we supply which are effectively made from an ultra tough plastic will require less maintenance than say the leather or faux leather bar stools.This is what make this particular material very popular for kitchens and breakfast bars.It has the advantage in the way of it is almost impossible to stain them.Most of the time any spillages, as long as they are wiped up straight away, will not stain the ABS material as unlike other materials you cannot penetrate the plastic which makes it an ideal breakfast or kitchen bar stool.The only regular cleaning or care these stools will require like all bar stools are the chrome base and pole the seat is sat on, with regular use over time, and mucky finger prints a quick rub down will bring them up like new.Another advantage to the ABS is, they are now supplied in so many different colours, there is a bar stool for everyone.If you are trying to achieve that funky or quirky look there is orange or yellow, for those of you who are trying to create that modern or simplistic look there is black, or if it is contemporary you are after there is white and silver, there is so much choice, this is why costantino are market leaders in their field.You may also want your stools to stand out from the crowd and go for the rustic gold or midnight blue.

With faux leather bar stools, the cleaning process will be very similar to the above, the only difference is the faux leather material can be penetrated and you do have to be slightly more careful with them as certain fluids such as red wine, or bolognese sauce can stain them as effectively they are a fabric.As long as they wiped clean though straight away 99% of the time there is no problem.Make sure when cleaning your fax leather bar stools,you use the proper cleaning solutions available, the products should not contain any harmful chemicals or anything that is likely to damage or discolour the stools.Try not to use any household detergants or soaps on them as these can potentially erode the fabric surface creating irreversible damage.Also like the above the chrome base and pole will require regular cleaning to maintain that new and smear free look.It will also bring that shine and sparkle your stools had when they where first opened from the box.

Leather bar stools, will require slightly more attention than the above, as not only would they require cleaning but being a natural material they will also require conditioning aswell.This should normally only be done on an annual basis but it also depends on how much use they get, and how they are positioned, ie if they are in direct sunlight or not as this may dry them out quicker.The process is very similar to human skin, as in when you wash your skin with certain soaps for example, your skin can feel drier or even peel, so there is a need to re apply the moisture back into it.Its the same with the bar stools, as in the ideal time for treating them will be immediately after cleaning them as this is when they will require re moisturising.You can pick various different cleaners and conditioners up these days from supermarkets and hardware stores alike, but always check the label first, as some may be harmful to your particular leather.The majority of leathers we supply the bar stools in are corrected grain, but we can also more natural hides, such as semi analine or newbuck, again check cleaning labels and instructions when cleaning these particular leathers as they are more delicate so more care is required.The other advantage to conditioning the leathers is most products will also restore that traditional leather smell back into the bar stool again which so many people like.It will also bring up the shine again and keep the leather supple to prevent it drying out.The ideal cleaning solutions for most leathers need to be ph neutral, in some cases a natural soap will be okay, just remember to also treat them though straight afterwards to prevent the drying out that some soaps can bring. 

If any more help is required regarding the cleaning or care for your bar stools, please do not hesitate to contact us via the help link on our website, or feel free to call and speak with one of our friendly advisors.


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