Reasons To Purchase A Bar Stool

New Kitchen

Maybe you have had a new kitchen fitted, breakfast bar and all.Bar stools not only look great at the breakfast bar, but they serve a valued purpose as well. Make the kitchen the heart of the home again (rather than sitting in front of the tv in the lounge) and encourage the family to sit casually together while dinner is being cooked or the washing is being loaded into the machine. The beauty having bar stools at the breakfast bar is that they offer additional seating which can be easily hidden away under the counter when things get hectic in the kitchen.


Outdoor Use

At present, we are in talks with our suppliers to order specialist bar stools which are solely for outdoor use. However, there is nothing stopping you using any of our bar stools outdoors on a fine summers day. They offer additional seating for the barbeque, that’s the main thing!


Statement Furniture

Modern Art – some of us get it, others can’t appreciate it’s worth. We believe that modern art can be interpreted in many different ways and love it when customers contact us for more information about our more expensive bar stools which they want to serve as a feature piece in a room. One customer has recently purchased the Roma bar stool for a bedroom, instead of a standard ‘bedroom’ arm chair. Other customers have purchased barstools in red to solely add a hint of colour in an otherwise plain décor room.


Present / Gift

Are your kids off to Uni, moving out for the first time or do you have a friend that has just moved into a new house? A bar stool is a great idea for anyone moving house. With the current housing market, people are having to buy smaller houses than they had hoped for and are sacrificing space such as dining rooms. Bar stools and bistro tables offer a fun and funky alternative and better still, these great sets do not impose on already valuable space. Besides, one of our customers purchased 2 bar stools for a wedding gift.