Breakfast Bar Stools: Sociality, Aesthetics And Functionality


There are many advantages of having a breakfast bar in your kitchen and if you’re lucky enough to have the space then you should really make the most of it. A breakfast bar is a fantastic thing to have and there are a number of reasons why you should think about getting one if you haven’t already.

First things first, a breakfast bar is a wonderfully social place to eat your meals. It’s certainly a far cry from the big traditional dining tables that have dominated many a meal. Those reclining at the breakfast bar can interact quite freely with the person making the meal therefore contributing towards a greater level of togetherness as opposed to separation. It’s also quite informal, and if you like your family to be relaxed in your kitchen, then a breakfast bar is a great way of achieving that.

If you don’t feel like you’ve got the space for a breakfast bar, then have you thought about the possibility of investing in a bar table? A bar table is a cost-effective and space-saving way to enjoy the same advantages afforded to you by a breakfast bar.

If you’ve decided that you’re interested in a breakfast bar or a bar table, you must be thinking about breakfast bar stools for people to sit out whilst at the bar or table. Kitchen stools really are the only way to go if you’ve got yourself a breakfast bar, and by grabbing a few nice kitchen stools you can improve the functionality and aesthetics of your kitchen.

When it comes to choosing your bar stool to go with your breakfast bar or bar table you need to consider a number of things. The bar stool must work well with the décor and blend nicely in with the other pieces of furniture already resident within the room. If you’ve already got a lot of chrome or marble in the room then why not think about a leather black bar stool; perhaps something like the Genova or the Pranzo? Leather works well with chrome and marble and adds to the high class image no doubt already created by your bar and accompanying furniture and kitchen.

If you’ve decided to go slightly more rustic and are thinking about a wooden breakfast bar, perhaps in a country cottage; then maybe think about continuing the wooden theme with a wooden style bar stool. provides a great range of wooden bar stools; and perhaps the Breeze or the Stallion might be a good fit in a room of that style.

An important thing when choosing a bar stool to use in conjunction with your breakfast bar or bar table is the importance of durability and functionality as well as the aesthetics. It’s no good having the best looking bar stool in the world if it’s incredibly uncomfortable, but by the same token, you certainly don’t want to sacrifice all aesthetics just because the stool is comfortable. The key to purchasing furniture that you’re going to be happy with is to decide what’s most important to you and work to achieve a balance.